Carved Pumpkin Bowls for Entertaining!

I love this time a year and Fall is the perfect season to get creative while entertaining for family and friends. I decided to head to my local pumpkin patch and pick up some small serving size pumpkins for this but it can be done with larger pumpkins as well. Here is what you need for this project and I will show you how I made them! :)

You need a large kitchen towel to do this project on so that you can have an easy clean up! :) Two knives – one large to cut the pumpkin to start and a small one to shave down the inside sides to fit the bowl in. You also need a colander for the pumpkin seeds and a large spoon to scoop the seeds out and the guts inside the pumpkin. Last, you need small serving bowls – I got these at Target a while back and that way you can keep inserting the bowl until it fits the way you like.

First start by taking the top off the pumpkin like you would if you were carving it- do this with the large knife, don’t try to start by cutting it right in half. Then clean out the inside of the pumpkin an place the guts and seeds inside the colander. Then turn the pumpkin on it’s side and with the large knife again cut it down more to almost half.

Next try to fit your serving bowl inside and it usually will not fit the first time, so take your small knife and start to shave down the inside a little at a time until your bowl fits like above.

Then your bowls should fit like the above photo but they DO NOT have to be perfect ! My orange pumpkin was smaller so the bowl stuck out a bit which I don’t mind. The white pumpkin was a bit larger so it fit down inside the pumpkin a bit more. I LOVE them both, this is suppose to be a rustic and festive look so however they turn out is perfect!

The finished look is so cute, I absolutely love the result and I ended up using these for my Pumpkin Mac & Cheese Recipe! However, these bowls can be used in a variety of ways for roasted pumpkin seeds, candy dishes, side salads, soups and chili…..the options are endless! I hope you enjoy this carved pumpkin project as much as I did and please share with me what you did and how they turned out! Happy Fall!!!!!

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  • Jill

    This Idea is soooooooooo cute thanks for this post I will be using these over Thanksgiving!!!

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