Chocolate Graham Cracker S’mores Treats!

Happy weekend everyone! Well, summer is almost coming to and end and I decided to make a sweet twist on an old fashion s’more for my daughter and her friends sleepover last night!

This is a great idea for any get together, birthday party, or event that you need a easy 2 bite treat!  Here is what you need:

Graham Crackers

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Small marshmallows

The fastest and easiest way to melt the chocolate is to pour about 1 cup of the chips into a glass bowl and microwave them in 15-20 seconds intervals – stirring the chips each time – this should only take 3 times. Then simply take each graham cracker and with a teaspoon spread the chocolate over the top and sides. Then top each chocolate covered graham cracker with 2 marshmallows and thats it! I then place them on a plate and let them “set” and they are absolutely delicious!

I hope this post has inspired you to try this quick and easy twist on a classic! :)

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