Chocolate, Peanut & Heart Sprinkle Skinny Popcorn


Valentine’s Day is usually a time for something sweet and since I don’t love to bake, I decided to make some sweet and salty popcorn and it was delicious!  I have always been a fan of salty and sweet together so this recipe was so easy, very festive looking and stored well in Ziploc bags for snacking.

This is what you will need:

1 bag of Skinny Pop microwave popcorn

1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips – I used the minis and they are very easy to melt

2 TBSP heart shaped sprinkles

2 TBSP lightly salted peanuts

The first step is the pop the popcorn and then lay it out on some parchment paper to cool slightly. Then pour your chocolate chips into a bowl and put them into the microwave for 20 seconds.  Then take the bowl out and stir the chips around to start the melting process and repeat this step 3 times until the chocolate is completely melted.

Then lay out all of your toppings and start with the chocolate first and with a spoon drizzle it all over the popcorn. Then I add the peanuts and the heart shaped sprinkles until all the popcorn is coated.

Then once you are done it will look like this and then you need to leave for a bit to set so the chocolate can harden up before transferring it to a bowl.

Once the coated popcorn has set, you can transfer it to a bowl and enjoy! I also store this is Ziploc bags like I mentioned earlier and leave them on the counter for snacking! :) Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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