Decorate Your Kitchen With Fruit!!!

I love to use fresh fruit to add color to my kitchen. I have a white/ cream colored kitchen, so adding fruit makes a huge difference when I have it sitting around. I use some fake fruit :) like large green apples in tall vases to keep color all year round. However, I use so many lemons and limes in recipes and cocktails ;) that I keep them replenished all the time. I love a really cool shop on 12th street here in Nashville called White’s Mercantile and they carry some creative ways to display fruit. They are ceramic produce looking baskets and I absolutely adore them for display in my kitchen. I also like to use fresh apples, peaches and oranges in glass or white bowls.

I hope this post has inspired you to hit the grocery store for some healthy fresh fruit that is good for your body and kitchen! :)

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