Fresh Herbs …Grow Your Favorites!!!!

The weather is getting warmer and everything seems to be blooming and with that combination comes working in the garden! This past week I went to a great nursery here in Nashville and picked up some pepper plants, heirloom tomatoes plants and lots of my favorite herbs. :) I cook everyday for my blog and my family so I am always in the need for basic herbs like thyme, flat leaf parsley, cilantro and basil. I am constantly running to the grocery store in need of them and so its great to now have them right in my backyard. The cool thing about going to a nursery is that they have so many varieties of your favorite herbs also….like “lemon” thyme ( which I have been cooking with a lot  lately :) Garlic chives….and so many more. Here are some pics from my trip and of the cute wooden box I planted some of them in that I got from Home Depot!

I hope this post has inspired you to hit up a local nursery and plant some of your favorites!!!


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