Frozen Banana Ice Cream!!!

Frozen banana ice cream is a healthy alternative to regular ice cream that is so easy to make! When I’m really craving a frozen treat but trying to stay on track, this is a favorite snack I make at home ! Here is what you need:

Ripe bananas –  peeled / can cut into slices

Freezer bag

Blender or food processor

Yes, thats it!!! :)

You can also add toppings – I like sliced strawberries but you could also use ground cinnamon or chopped nuts.


Simply peel the bananas and place them in a plastic bag and place into the freezer for a few hours.
Then place the frozen bananas in a food processor or good blender and start the magic.  When you first start the bananas will look like they have a crumble appearance and then you will have to help it out by scraping down the sides and then pulsing again. Continue to blend even though it looks a little gooey and scrape down the sides again. Once it starts to look smooth you will suddenly have the ice cream texture you desire and you are done! :)
You can enjoy your “banana ice cream”  immediately but it will be very soft. You can also put it into an air tight container and freeze it until it is more solid and enjoy!

I hope this post has inspired you to use some bananas you have in your kitchen and create a sweet treat that is healthy yet satisfying!

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