Frozen Fruit Ice Cubes!!!!!!

Ice cube trays are used for so many creative ideas these days, so I decided to freeze fruit inside mine and its was awesome! You can find ice cube trays in so many sizes, shapes and unique themes in a variety of stores lately. I have seen great ones at Target, Crate and Barrel,, Local Gifts Stores and even Publix ( where I got mine) :) ! They can be used to freeze wine, stock or broth and herbs for future recipes just to name a few uses. However, since it is summer and so hot outside I got the idea to take lemons, strawberries and blackberries and place them in each cube. My daughter loves to flavor water with fruit, so I figured this was a perfect way to keep her drink cold and add some freshness. :) I just cut each piece of fruit in tiny pieces and placed them in each cube, then I filled each one with water and stuck the trays in the freezer.  The cubes came out so beautiful that I will defiantly use these for entertaining in the future!

I hope this post has inspired you to take fruit or herbs from your kitchen and create some beautiful and flavorful ice cubes !!!

DSC05203 DSC05204 (1)

DSC05205 DSC05220 DSC05239DSC05245DSC05249DSC05250DSC05251DSC05253DSC05255

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