Green Juice Madness!!!!

It is a New Year and I am trying to start it off right by drinking more green juice to get all the health benefits I was lacking over the holidays! :) I recently ordered a new juicer after trying a few really good blenders that just didn’t do the trick. The Breville juicers seem to be one of the top rated for price, ease of use, easy to clean and speed. seems to be a good resource if you want to read reviews and tips from happy customers with every brand of juicer they carry.

One of my favorite recipes is : kale, flat leaf parsley, lemon, pear , apple and cucumber! :)

However if you are like me and sometimes just so busy it is easier to by one that someone has already mastered and created for you here are my favorites: Evolution Fresh – I am obsessed with the Green Devotion it is AWESOME!!!  The others are Juice Press, Suja and Naked Juice.

I hope this post has inspired you to jump on the green juice or any color juice bandwagon and get all the health benefits we need to make this new year a healthy one!!!!!


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