Happy Monday! Lets Get Outside and Move!

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Good Morning! I know this site is dedicated to eating a little healthier versions of some great recipes, but lets not forget we need to get up and move! :)

Exercising can sometimes be daunting and feel like a struggle for all of us.  So,  I like to spend time with my daughter and pick a great spot like this lake here in Nashville and exercise together. I think being outside and getting distracted by nature and fun conversation with family or friends makes the whole exercising part seem much more enjoyable! And lets face it a little healthy competition is good too, because I love to race Laila in a sprint and prove that I may be older but I’m still faster :) LOL

So get inspired to find a trail, lake or park near you and grab your kid, kids, family or friends and take a walk, jog or skip ( hahahahaha ) and lets all move a little more so we can eat a little more and still feel great!

Have an amazing week everybody!!!!!!



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