Inside My Kitchen….My Happy Place!

I have not posted in a while because life has been so crazy so I wanted to jump on a post some pictures inside my kitchen. :) I think for me being in the kitchen and cooking is definitely my happy place. It is the place I go when I’m stressed or upset and need to escape and start cooking to take my mind of things. In my kitchen I love to have pictures and flowers and things that make the space feel warm and inviting.

One of my favorite areas of my kitchen is the Coffee Bar I created. My daughter Laila is an amazing artist so I asked her to create this chalkboard art for this space. I keep my coffee essentials there and this cute spoon holder that says ” All we need is Love & Coffee” I got from Esty. I also purchased from Etsy this cute sign that has one of my favorite Jonny Cash quotes on it. ( I do live in Nashville after all) :) Also, the cabinets right above this area hold my coffee mugs, hot tea and anything else I need for my morning.

My sink is right in front of my window which I love and I always keep fresh flowers, paper towels, and Bath and Body Works soap that fits each season.

Like I mentioned above I keep pictures in my kitchen also of Laila, Lucky my Labradoodle and my sweet mom. I feel like having flowers, photos of family and glass jars full of vibrant fruit add warmth to the space.

I has a gas stove which is a necessity for me because I feel it is much easier to control my heat level while cooking. I have a toaster over to the left and to the right I keep extra virgin olive oil, salt tub, and a small ceramic dish for tomatoes. The cabinet right above that holds all my spices, which is a lot….so it works out great.  The large wood cutting board to the right NEVER moves- lol …I keep it there for chopping and it is next to both the sink and stove so it’s perfect. ( I keep plastic cutting boards in the corner lower cabinet for poultry and seafood chopping)

My island is Butcher Block which I love and has shelving for storage underneath it. I always keep a glass jar inspired by Khloe Kardashian ( yes lol I love her organization in the kitchen it inspires me) full of Oreos, because my daughter is 16 and we constantly have teenagers in my house eating them and everything else! :)

Last I have a small Butlers Pantry in the hallway behind my kitchen, which has my kitchen tools ( like my pasta maker) in the cabinet and booze! :) I wanted to share this picture to show Laila also did chalkboard art in there for me that says ” Happiness is Homemade”.  That saying is the best way to sum up how I feel about being in my kitchen cooking for the people I love!

I hope this post has inspired you for new ideas to add to your kitchen! Please let me know what you love about your kitchen and share pictures with me!!!!


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