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Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I wanted to share a fun idea I did over the weekend with Laila and her friend Ava after they had a sleepover. I wanted to make breakfast more entertaining for the girls and keep them busy :) so I had them make faces on their toast using a variety of ingredients! First they cut out circles in their bread ( I used sourdough ) with a cookie cutter and then I toasted it. When the toast was done, we mixed organic raspberry jelly with cream cheese to make it sweet and delicious and spread it on the toast as a base. Next, I gave the girls strawberries, blueberries, food coloring gel, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and some fun candy eyes I found at Kroger.
They went to work and got creative and had so much fun making their breakfast and they actually turned out very tasty! LOL I was a little worried with so much going on but I tried Laila’s and it was so good! This is a great idea if your having kids over or if your just a mom or dad at home mom trying to entrain your kids in the morning so you can get some things done :) I hope this post inspires you to get a little messy, creative and have fun in your kitchen with your kids or someone else’s !!!
( If you click on the collage picture it gets bigger so you can see everything we did :) )

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