Let’s Talk Produce! What I Always Have at Home and How I Store It!

When it comes to produce staples in my kitchen I do have my favorites and go-to’s that I always keep in my kitchen. The produce list that I ALWAYS buy looks like this:

Zucchini – store in plastic bag

Lemons and Limes – store on the counter

Tomatoes – store in cool, dry place NOT in the refrigerator changes the flavor

Bananas – store on your counter

Strawberries- store in the refrigerator

Onion, garlic and Shallots – store cool, dry place again not in the refrigerator

Potatoes ( varies on which kind ) – store in cool, dry place and keep away from onions they will spoil faster

Mushrooms – in the fridge

Celery, Cucumber and Carrots – store in a plastic bag in the fridge

Avocado – store on the counter

Lettuce, Kale and Arugula – store in fridge in a plastic bag

Eggplant- store in plastic bag

My other favorite produce to keep varies on season and when I making special recipes and that list looks like this:

Beets- cut off the top of them and store in the fridge

Asparagus- wrap in paper towels that are a bit damp in a plastic bag in the fridge

Cauliflower, Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts-  store in plastic bag in the fridge

Jalapeños – Wrap in paper towels and in a paper bag but in the fridge

Winter Squash  – Acorn, pumpkin and Butternut – store cool, dry place

They last thing I want to talk about is what recipes I love to make with my favorites. Zucchini is SO versatile, for appetizers like baked zucchini fries, to soups, sides, noodles, lasagna rolls and pizza boats. Lemons and limes are a must for any recipe to add a bit of acid and freshness and well as for cocktails lets be honest. :) I am a huge avocado fan for guacamole, avocado toast to toppings for chili, tacos and dips. I LOVE mushrooms for stuffing as an appetizer, eating raw as a salad or adding to a casserole and I always make them with some shallot, broth, garlic and a hit of wine to serve over steak. Celery, carrots and onion your “Mirepoix” or holy trinity used in soups, stews, sauces, and casseroles. My daughter loves chopped strawberries at night with some whipped cream and bananas as an after school snack. Tomatoes are my absolute must have I love them in everything, omelets, soups, sauces, pastas, sandwiches, salads ( I love a Caprese salad) or just as a snack with some salt and pepper. My daughter has been eating more vegetarian so I keep eggplant for eggplant meatballs and eggplant parmesan and for her it is her favorite “meat” alternative. I also love to keep arugula on hand to add that “peppery”  bite to pasta dishes, soups and pesto.

Well that wraps up my must have produce items and I hope my tips on storing them help get these amazing vegetables from the supermarket into your favorite recipes!!!! :)





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