My Memorial Day Entertaining Ideas and Watermelon Cocktail!

Memorial Day Weekend is here and I have a few ideas on how to dress up your table, add color with fruit and the easiest watermelon cocktail ever! :)  This holiday is a day to remember the fallen soldiers who passed away while in the country’s armed forces and we come together to honor them. On Monday we all gather together with friends and family and usually have an “all american” type celebration. I love to entertain on this day with red, white and blue and show my support and love for this country! I wanted to share a few of my ideas with you that I did for very little money but give big impact to my table.

Here is what did:

I went to Target…who doesn’t love this place? :) They had a “rug” that was blue with stars so I used it as a table covering instead…why not it was thin yet sturdy and could handle spills.  They also had inexpensive lanterns, American flags, tin serving trays, small striped paper cups, red, white and blue banners and much more. Then I headed over to the fruit section and picked up watermelon, blueberries and cherries. Then I filled each cup with cherries and blueberries and hollowed out my watermelon and cut some into pieces for the bowl.

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Watermelon Cocktail :) 

The rest of the melon I added to a blender and pulsed until smooth and then strained it with a strainer over a large bowl – discard the pulp and seeds and transfer back into the blender. Next, I added 1 tablespoon of Organic Blue AGAVE – by Wholesome Sweeteners and mixed it once again. Then I transferred the watermelon mixture to a large pitcher and placed on the table. ( You can also do this ahead of time and store it the refrigerator until you are ready to serve -just make sure you stir it before serving.) I serve this with vodka  ( as much as you like :) ) and top the cocktails with frozen blueberries and fresh basil or mint!

I hope this post has inspired you this Memorial day to get creative with our country’s colors, have a festive watermelon cocktail and honor the lives we have lost. HAVE A SAFE AND GREAT MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

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