The weather is about to start getting cooler and I found some creative ideas for displaying herbs in your kitchen that make them easy to get to while cooking! I often keep my herbs in pots by my sink in the kitchen, so I searched Pinterest to find some help and spark my creative side and get my herbs on my wall. :)
Some of these ideas I found you can order online and some are very easy DIY but they are all great. What I did learn is the key to growing herbs in your kitchen is light. If you have a window in your kitchen, you might not have enough space near it so at least display it across or next to it. You can also take them out of their their display and sit them next to the window as needed and then place them back.
Here are some of my favorites that I found and a link to my Pinterest board that shows you where to find them. This is a new Pinterest account I created this week so be sure to follow me! :)

You can also link right to my Pinterest account by clicking the “link” under my logo on my homepage.

img_3885 img_3886 img_3887 img_3888

I hope this post as inspired you to bring some herbs from your garden or the grocery store inside and turn them into art for your kitchen and flavor for your recipes!

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