Nutella and Crescent Roll Cookies!!!!!!!!

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Nutella and Crescent Roll Cookies!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!! This past week I experimented with a new cookie recipe, because my daughter as you all know is obsessed with Nutella! :) So, I had some Pillsbury crescent rolls in the refrigerator  ( I had seen a recipe recently using it as cookie dough ) so I though I’d give it a try and it was SOOOOO easy and can I say delicious!!!!  Here is what I did :

Crescent rolls –  Nutella – almonds  – dark chocolate chips ( a little four ) 

All I did was roll the rolls into one layer by pinching the seams together and rolling it out on and with a little four, then I spread on the Nutella, added some almonds I crushed into pieces, and added a few dark chocolate chips ( why not :) ). Then I carefully rolled it into a log and wrapped it in plastic warp and put it into the freezer for about and hour and a half.  Once it was really cold I cut it into slices and put it on parchment paper, that I lightly sprayed with cooking spray too ( just in case ) and baked it at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and that’s it!!!! My daughter and I loved these and they were not overly sweet because of the crescent dough so they were great in the morning with coffee as well – who knew? :)

I hope this post has inspired you to make some new interesting cookies using some Pillsbury crescent roll dough and you can add whatever you like and put your own unique twist on it!!!

Send me pictures and let me know what you did!!!! Happy Baking !! ( I can’t believe I just said that :) – since I hate to bake- but hey this was fun and easy!

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