Pumpkin Pie Spice White Russian

The holidays are approaching and I wanted to create a cocktail to get me ready for the Fall season. My mom loves a White Russian it is one of her favorite drinks so I was inspired by her. So because there is an abundance of pumpkin flavored everything this was a no brainier. This drink is so easy, fast to make and will be a crowd pleaser for any holiday get together or just for you at home! :)

Here is what you need: ( And these measurements are for two cocktails )

Vodka – 2 shots per drink

Kahlua – 1 shot per drink

Pumpkin Pie Spice – 1 TBSP

Pumpkin Pie Spice Coffee Creamer – 2 single pods per drink

Graham Cracker – 1/2 of a

Orange – 1/2

Cocktail Shaker

Ice – 1 cup per drink

Whipped Cream

The first step is to crush the graham cracker in a small ziplock bag and then add it to a small plate with the pumpkin pie spice and mix well to combine.

Next, on a small plate squeeze your half of an orange onto the plate and then place a glass upside down into the juice and turn it a few times.

Then take the glass that was dipped in the orange juice and place onto the plate with the graham cracker spice mixture and turn it around again until the rim is completely coated.

Then gather your ingredients and fill your shaker with 1 cup of ice and I make each drink separately because my shaker is small.

Then add in your 2 shot glasses of vodka, 1 shot glass of Kahlua and then 2 of these individual pods of pumpkin spice creamer to the shaker with ice and shake well to combine. If you have just a bottle of pumpkin creamer I would say 2 tablespoons or just to taste.

Them simply transfer your White Russian to your glass rimmed with graham cracker crust and top with a bit of whipped cream and a sprinkle with a bit more pumpkin pie spice and enjoy! I hope you love this cocktail as much as I do…Happy Fall Y’all!

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