Pumpkin Topiary Craft for the Fall Season!!!

Fall is here and I was feeling crafty a few weekends ago!   I got some inspiration from a VERY expensive fall decor idea I saw in a favorite catalogue of mine. :) So, I headed to Michael’s craft store and Home Depot and with the help of my daughter we made our own version. It came out so cute and was super easy, the catalogue version was over $1,000 for everything and mine came in around $150.00! :)

Here is what you need :

A glue gun

A small saw

6 plastic pumpkins – small to large

I bunch of hay – Michael’s

2 strands of fall garland – from Michael’s

2 medium flower pots – Home Depot

Okay, first CAREFULLY saw off the tops of the 4 pumpkins that will be the bottom and the middle – then place the hot glue on top of the pumpkins and attach each one and let them dry.

Next add some hay to the bottom of your flower pots and then place the pumpkin topiary on the top and then wrap the garland around the base and you are done!!!!  Laila and I had so much fun doing this craft project together and everyone who comes over compliments me on them. :)

I hope this post inspires you to find inspiration in something you see and re-create it for much less money and a lot more fun!!!


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IMG_1719 IMG_1720 IMG_1723  IMG_1724

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